Stuff I’ve learned

There are a few things I wish I had known (or understood properly) when I started knitting. I've learned my own lessons along the way, and these are the principles I stick to now. Of course, yours might be different - that doesn't make these wrong, just right for me! Knit what you want to... Continue Reading →


All about the blankets and a new stake

Gosh, it's been a while. But I am hoping I've rediscovered my blogging mojo! What's happened in the last three years? Erm, a lot! As I've posted before with stats, I figured the best way to set a new baseline was to re-quote them. I won't feel right posting about new things until I give myself a... Continue Reading →

I've had a quiet day today, hiding away in my study/craft room. I'm very lucky to have it, although its existence is a result of being a home-worker, rather than a plan to spend a lot of time crafting. It's tidy in here today, which is rare, and once I sat down, I just couldn't... Continue Reading →

I've just passed my second "knitter-versary". When going through some old facebook posts, I spotted this one............................and realised that I've been knitting seriously for just over two years. I figured it was worth "planting a stake" to show what I've achieved in that time, so I can look back here in another year to see... Continue Reading →

I've done something new. Something I never would have imagined doing even a few months ago. I've started studying again. I suppose I've had an urge to study again for a while now, but my life is just too busy to take on long, difficult, academic course. Over the last few years I've considered taking... Continue Reading →

I have been meaning to blog for a while, but have had a major road block in my way. It isn't subject matter - I have lots of family stuff happening all the time, and am knitting every day. It's more to do with what I'm able to share. I have written a new pattern... Continue Reading →

I had my first day off of the summer on Friday, and was determined to do something interesting with the kids. My boss gave me a great idea - strawberry picking, followed by jam making. The weather was kind, so off we went.... The PYO place was a bit of a drive from home, but... Continue Reading →

Up until now, I haven't posted Sparky's video, as it was removed from Youtube as soon as the promotion ended. But, my clever little girl found another posting of it, which I think will survive for a while yet!So, here's Sparky's TV debut, posted here for posterity 🙂  My blog is changing a little -... Continue Reading →

This weekend is a big weekend in our village. Saturday is “Flower Show” day – the day when all the village have the opportunity to show off their cake-baking, vegetable-growing, flower-arranging, photography and any other skill you can imagine. Even the kids get involved, with special exhibition classes just for the kids. Of course, as... Continue Reading →

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A yarn about knitting and the threads of family life

A yarn about knitting and the threads of family life


A yarn about knitting and the threads of family life


A yarn about knitting and the threads of family life