Good things come to those who wait

I finally released my sock pattern – Patience.

I first started dabbling with the idea of a sock pattern about 9 months ago – hence the name, I suppose.


I say dabbled, because I think I had about three versions on my PC at one point, with various lace patterns included in them. None of them were right, and none of them were original. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I just sat down with the chart making app on my iPad (“Knitting Chart Maker”, if you’re interested – it was free, but cost me £2.49 to upgrade so I could export the charts) and within about 10 minutes, I had a pattern I thought was worth pursuing. I swatched it (really, I swatched), decided on a small needle size (stretchy lace pattern, and I’m a loose knitter, oo er) and then just wrote it out.

I had lots of help from a knitting friend who works for the same company as me – she was a fab test knitter who experimented with needle size to get the perfect gauge for her feet. Once she had finished the first sock (and I had a pair), I finished off the pattern, PDF’d it and now it’s on Ravelry.

To say I’m excited is an understatement. Proud too, if I say so myself.

If you’re a sock knitter – take a look at my pattern pages (aloveofeachcolour is my Rav name – there’s a link from my blog home page) and download it. It’s a freebie :). Enjoy!



3 thoughts on “Good things come to those who wait

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  1. I have downloaded your pattern and am very tempted to try it especially as I have now completed my second lace shawl and made just three pairs of socks – so far.

    Just one question, would it be possible to make the socks using Magic Loop rather than DPNS? Have never mastered these, hope I am not being difficult as your pattern is lovely.

  2. My test knitter used magic loop when she knit these, so yes it should be possible. The pattern is over 16 stitches, so you could just do two repeats on each needle on the leg, and two repeats on the instep needle when doing the foot.

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A yarn about knitting and the threads of family life

A yarn about knitting and the threads of family life


A yarn about knitting and the threads of family life


A yarn about knitting and the threads of family life

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