We won!!

This weekend is a big weekend in our village. Saturday is “Flower Show” day – the day when all the village have the opportunity to show off their cake-baking, vegetable-growing, flower-arranging, photography and any other skill you can imagine. Even the kids get involved, with special exhibition classes just for the kids. Of course, as proper village folk, we get involved too!

The boy won second prize with his photograph in the class named “Tree”…


The girl won two third prizes – one for a cup and saucer she made in school (so she was chosen to exhibit for the school along with two others, from all of the Key Stage 2 children), and one for her attempt to design a logo for the flower show….

DSCN1391      DSCN1390

And I am happy to say I won the “knitted garment” glass with a pair of socks!


The pattern is “Tidal Wave Socks”, a lovely pattern which is really intuitive and easy to remember. Maybe next year I will enter a pair of socks that I design myself – my latest pattern “Simply Simple” is available on Ravelry now, and I hope to follow it up with more soon :) .

We were joined at the show by Nanny & Grandpops, who enjoyed watching the pipe band and the sheepdog exhibition. The dogs were amazing, each of the five dogs had their own commands for left and right, and the shepherd had them moving quickly and accurately with just a whispered command! They showed off their skills with sheep….


…and then geese – using children from the audience as their gates!


The girl got involved, and was enthralled to find one of the dogs resting on her feet until it got its next command….


Finally, local radio interviewed the children – I don’t think the girl knew how to react to that!


Oh – the boy had fun too…..courtesy of the go-kart track…

Sam on go-kart

We finished the day off with a home-made lasagne, salad and crusty bread & butter, yum! A pint of cider up at the local club was nice too…….

What a fantastic day, we’ve had – but then, flower show day is always a good one :) .


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Least said, soonest mended.

A yarn about knitting and the threads of family life

A yarn about knitting and the threads of family life


A yarn about knitting and the threads of family life


A yarn about knitting and the threads of family life

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